Thursday, November 18, 2010

It’s Christmas, 365 Days a Year, Really, It Could Be!

Wouldn’t be awesome, wouldn’t it be wonderful, wouldn’t it be a dream come true if it was Christmas every day of the year for 365 days a year? Yes, I’m crazy, we all know that, but let me explain to you what I mean. Prior to December 25th, what happens? Everyone starts to decorate or buy decorations. Then by Thanksgiving (which often is overlooked), everyone is in a frenzy to start their gift buying. The Salvation Army bells are ringing in front of stores, volunteer groups are out everywhere soliciting donations for those in need. Family dinners are planned for the big holiday and everyone makes “nice” because its Christmas. People send out Christmas cards to their friends and family, often with holiday letters and family photos. They tell their friends they miss them, and promise to get together soon. And the next thing you know, it is another year later and it all starts over again.

The above things are the things that most people do. But what about the “other” people? Maybe dad lost his job this year, or someone is all alone, or others are on the streets, in shelters, Iraq, incarcerated, or in hospitals. My sister use to be a therapist. And I can’t even begin to tell how many calls she would get on Christmas day from her clients that were depressed because of all the above or they felt that one day, the day that is supposed to be baby Jesus’ birthday, didn’t live up to their expectations. I love Christmas, please don’t misunderstand my words. But often times than not, by the time the big day gets here, everyone is tired, burned out and glad for the day to be over, and Christmas loses its meaning along the way.

If we took the “reason for the season” theory and applied it daily to our lives and others lives, each and everyday, if we made it Christmas 365 days a year, wouldn’t the world be a little kinder? It would be great to get cards from friends throughout the year just to let us know they were thinking of us. It would be so special to receive a gift because someone just because they wanted to “give” one. There wouldn’t be that pressure that Christmas shopping sometimes brings on. And the best part, if we could all just continue to GIVE to the charties that do make it Christmas 365 Days a year, I personally believe the world would be a kinder more gentle place to live.

Last Christmas my daughter, Brande, gave me a goat! Yes, she gave me a goat, or I should say bought a goat in my name. There is a group called “World Vision. . . Building a Better World for Our Children” ( The goat is bought for a village in Africa where kids will learn to care for it, the milk will help feed them, and more. This is a gift that will keep on giving! I bring this up because so many times, so many of us never know what the perfect give is. Or how many times do you hear, “I don’t know what to get them, they have everything”. I just feel that sometimes we need to think outside of the box, the Christmas box, when it comes to giving!

I do wish all of you the merriest of Christmas’ and I’m hoping you all find the joy, peace and happiness you deserve. But my wish is not only for Christmas day, it is for the next 365 days of Christmas. Please remember as we begin 2007, that there are those around us that may need a helping hand. And if we are in the position to extend a hand, what a better place our world would be. “Practice Random Acts of Kindness”, give the homeless guy a couple of bucks even if he does look scarey, bring some shoes to our store to donate to Soul Purpose, or donate to one of our Animal Shelters we help, or My Sister’s Joanie’s Purse Project. Whatever it is, just remember to give of yourself and pay if forward.
Happy Holidays.

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